Our Process

Our streamlined 5-step drafting process has been crafted to deliver your designed estate plan and is ready for your clients' signing in eight (8) days. 

1) Engagement - After indicating your wishes to engage our services, you will receive our Engagement Agreement along with access to our cloud-based information sharing platform. You will be able to upload your standard design forms or templates. Additionally, you shall have access to our digital Answer File forms.

2) Design - We will analyze the documents as provided from the engagement then produce the Estate Plan Roadmap for the estate plan for your approval. Our roadmap is a visual representation of the flow of the designed estate plan.

3) Draft - Upon your approval of the roadmap, our team will begin drafting the estate plan documents.

4) Document Turn - Our team will notify you that your drafted estate plan is available in our cloud-based for your review. Directed revisions shall be addressed within 24 hours of your review.

5) Provision of final documents - Our team will notify you that your finalized documents are available!