Fee Schedule

The rates on this fee-schedule are subject to change on thirty (30) days written notice. 

Living Trust Based Estate Plans
Individual Person Living Trust$425
Spousal Set of Individual Living Trusts$575
Joint Living Trust$650
Custodian Letters for Minor ChildrenAdditional $50
Last Will and Testament Based Estate Plans 
 Individual Person$325
 Spousal Set$375
Planning for Children
Kid's Protective Planning /       
Minor-Children Custodian Directives (issues up to 18 years of age)
 Young-Adult Directives (issues between the ages of 18 - 25)$50
 Opus Drafting StaffHou rly Rate
 Director of Drafting$205
 Drafting Specialist$145
 Drafting Aid $115
 Data Processor $95

Hourly rates are billed monthly pursuant engagement agreement.